Oh London!

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Oh my, wasn't it just beautiful.  The Sarah Burton dress, the carriages, the details, the whole day.  I know there was a flurry of news media covering every inch of the wedding, but I wanted to just add a few photos I found that captured the day beautifully.  I will be adding a details post over the weekend with some beautiful intricacies of the wedding that I noticed.

Enjoy the photos and hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Red Bumble Bee

What a crowd waiting at Buckingham Palace!

Carole Middleton and Camilla in the beautiful covered carriage

Preparing at Buckingham Palace
The Queen Arriving

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh

Kate and her father riding to the Abbey

Prince William and Price Harry arriving to the Abbey
The first true look at her beautiful gown!

Enjoying a happy moment prior to the ceremony.  Rumor has it he was telling her father about what happened to the nice quant wedding they had been discussing.

Beautiful ceremony, overflowing with much tradition.

Placing the ring on her finger, it stuck a little.  Quite cute!


Looking radiate and happy as they make their way from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace

A beautiful kiss, and I am sure you heard, but they kissed twice.  Sigh ;)

Escaping in Prince Charles beautiful Aston Martin - love the learners permit "L"

Preparing the beautiful wedding cake at Buckingham Palace

Price Williams specific request of the secret royal chocolate cake
The beautiful and elegant wedding cake for William and Catherine

Photos credits CNN, Getty, and British Monarchy


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